About Valley Fire and Security

Think of Fire Before It Starts!

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation & Monitoring

Here at Valley Fire and Security we service commercial clients from the Sacramento area south to Bakersfield. With several projects in the Bay Area, we bring our collective expertise to assist the commercial developers with their Fire, Life and Safety Installations, Upgrades and Monitoring. In 2007, Valley Fire and Security was formed by two veterans in the field, Darryl James and Paul Davolt. Both brought over 30+ years of experience to their company. Because the collective experience of our technicians is so broad, they're equipped to handle any challenge. Call Today: (916) 608-0977

906 G Street ~ Sacramento

Whether you have us design a system for an entire shopping mall (from the beginning) or you need a repair of existing work in your new restaurant, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us to every job. We have been fortunate to attract, hire, train and retain some of the most talented technicians in the business.
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