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Custom Fire Alarm System Design

In the dynamic realm of construction, unforeseen changes and delays are inevitable. Whether you are a building contractor or a property manager, managing various critical aspects like structural elements and utilities can be overwhelming. California Fire Detection is your go-to resource for design, plans, services, and more. Our expertise extends to ensuring code compliance and seamless data installations.


Do You Need A Custom Fire Alarm System Designed?

Adhering to codes requires a nuanced understanding, with variations across municipalities and systems. When crafting architectural plans for new constructions or renovations, it is advisable to engage with a seasoned system installation company like California Fire Detection. Collaborating from the project’s inception enables us to align with your architect, swiftly advancing through the planning phase. For renovations, our assistance spans identifying essential installations, enhancing building functionality, and accommodating future growth.

Having been involved from the project’s initiation, we take charge of all plan submissions on your behalf. Even if we join a project in progress, our commitment ensures compliance verification and the completion of all requisite closeout documentation.